Semiconductor Fabrication Association of Malaysia (SFAM)

Training Programmes

SFAM Training Programmes

SFAM has specified and supported training organised by a variety training providers for the benefit of semiconductor industry employees.

All courses are 100% sponsored/claimable under HRDF.

All the trainings were performed at MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia’s forefront technology and R&D service provider for the Electrical and Electronics sector in Malaysia.

SFAM training programmes:

  1. Journey to Semiconductor (Fresh Graduates Up-skilling Development Programme) in 2013-2014; 3 months each sessions. Organised 2 sessions attended by 33 employees.
  2. Advanced Analytical Training – Failure Analysis ( 5-day programme). Started in 2016, then continue to 2017, all together we have had 4 sessions attended by a total of 76 employees.
  3. Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Process (5-day programme). Stated in 2015-2017, a total of 12 sessions attended by 230 employees.
  4. Process Technician/Engineer training programme in 2017 (for fresh graduates – 1-month programme). Started in 2015 -2017, a total of 6 sessions attended by 109 employees.
  5. Industry Skills Development Programme – this was done last March in 3 sessions attended by 39 local universities lectures for the purpose of curriculum embedment – exposure to SFAM industry and curriculum requirement.

SFAM Training Programmes 

So a total of 448 SFAM-member employees benefited from these programmes.